A quick card game

10-4 is a very light card game about building 4 sets of cards which each have cards adding up to a value of exactly 10.

The game rules are as simple as this:

  • In your turn always play three cards:
    1. Play one to one of your own sets
    2. Play one on an opponent's set
    3. Discard one card

  • Draw 3 new cards at the end of your turn.

  • Build a set where the matching color cards sum up to exactly 10 to win a point.

  • Add cards to your opponent's sets to make the sets go over 10 - making your opponent discard the set and start over.

  • Get 4 points to win the game.

It's surprising how easy it is to learn and play, yet every turn players constantly have to adapt to make best use of the cards at hand.

The game can be played with children who are able to add numbers to a sum of 10 - making it perfect for educational use also.

Currently the game has no theme, but it can have artwork that would appreal to both children and adults. The name lends itself to a theme of about trucks, but I can easily also imagine it with the four colors being land, city, water and desert - or even IP licensed imagry.


2-4 players


5 minutes per player


Age 7+


Family and friends

Quick, casual and fun

Educational for children


104 cards (of course)

Sell sheet

Click button to download one-page sell sheet PDF.

  • 2 min to learn
  • Quick and fun
  • Small box - cards only
  • No setup time
  • Teach minor kids to multiply
  • Strategic enough for adults to enjoy