Stellar Scramble

Co-designed with Mark Elsdon

Take the role of daring star pilot vying for victory in the face of an alien invasion. Upgrade your starfighter and fill your inventory with energy crystals which you’ll draw from your bag to activate powerful weapons and systems. Push your luck to blast more aliens, but don’t get too greedy, or you may overheat!

In Stellar Scramble, two to four players each take the role of a daring starpilot from near-future Earth, vying to survive and triumph in the face of an oncoming alien menace. Players compete to earn renown, which can be gained by blasting the invading ships, but is lost if aliens slip past their defences and attack their base.

Players will begin their turn by drawing crystals from their bag to activate their starfighter’s weapon systems - manoeuvring and shooting aliens as best they can. They will then choose from a selection of powerful weapon upgrades and systems to improve their ships, alongside vital energy crystals to add to their bags.

Destroying aliens and filling your renown track is the key to victory, so it’s important to take down as many as possible. However, the trickiest element of being a starpilot is knowing when to cut your losses! Each player’s bag contains a number of Overheat tokens, and drawing too many of these will end a player’s mission suddenly, damaging their ship and costing them some of the key resources they have collected.

At intervals, the surviving alien ships will advance towards Earth, and those that reach will begin attacking player bases, costing valuable renown. Even worse, the attack waves are then replenished with even more powerful reinforcements – making further ship upgrades essential!

Stellar Scramble is a fast-paced game of strategic tableau and bag building, combined with a push-your-luck element that will force players to make agonizing decisions turn after turn. Can you keep you cool long enough to choose the right upgrades, make the right moves, and prove yourself the savoir of humanity? It’s time to Scramble!


2-4 players

To be expanded to 1-5


45-90 minutes


Age 13+


1 game board

4 player boards

4 Starfighter meeples

4 gem bags

4 player aids

8 tracker pawns

8 Defeated Invader tokens

90 level 1+2+3 upgrade cards

6 level 1+2+3 “Aliens Move!” cards

3 level 1+2+3 “Aliens Fire!” cards

16 Out of Order cards

48 Invader tokens

1 Alien event token

16 boost tokens

8 damage dice

120 energy gems

1 first player card tray

24 Alien Bounties cards


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