Abandon Capricorn

Co-designed with Bastian Borup

Aliens have breached the hull of your space station. The ship’s AI has taken severe damage. A small crew is still alive, and your damaged escape pod is your only option. Do you have the stealth and the guns to stay alive, while you get the cogs turning?

Abandon Capricorn is a cooperative board game where players must manage their multiuse cards, blast aliens, sneak, take risk and manipulate the three rotating rings of the space station.

Line up the spaceship rings to move between rooms and to repair the AI, when you have found the missing parts.

Play all your cards except one. Discard the last one or take damage to pass it to the next player, helping your crew getting out of difficult situations.

Stay sharp, work as a team, hide, search, and run for your life! Or find your blaster and tell 'em to Eat This!


1-4 players


60-90 minutes


Age 13+


Family and friends

Casual and fun

Experienced gamers


Main board with rotating rings
1 die (D6)
4 player boards
4 player meeples
40 alien meeples
Approx 150 cards
8 health tracker tokens

  • Amazing table presence with rotating rings
  • Tense and exciting coop

  • Well known theme with a surprising twist

  • Simple rules and mechanics

  • Quick setup


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Sell sheet

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