First through the rotating maze will win!

Rotaze is a super simple abstract game, yet replayability is high. No two games will ever be the same.

Rotaze is a strategic game where 2-4 players move their pawns through a maze to get to the middle. In the game, players must rotate the three maze circles before they can move closer to the middle, and at the same time make sure the opponents do not get a clear passage. On their way, each pawn must pick up or steal a ring before entering the centre.

Players can get help to move further, rotate multiple rings or lock a ring. These actions are done by drawing one of the visible action cards next to the board.

The game contains no text, no math and no counting.

The simple rules are:
1. Rotate one ring
2. Move one pawn one space
That’s it!

The rotating maze rings in Rotaze are a new, different, challenging and fun twist that I have not seen in other games. The game can be played by casual and hardcore strategic players alike.

A different experience
With my game Rotaze, I want to challenge the traditional strategic abstract games by using the rotating board and a possibility to play 2-4 players (individually) or as teams (two against two).

Rotaze is a game players want to play again and again.


2-4 players


30-60 minutes


Age 10+


Family and friends

Casual and fun


Main board
Centre piece to place in the middle
3 maze circles
4 x 3 meeples
12 small rings
50 action cards
1 D6 dice
6 guide pieces to indicate direction and locking

Considerations for box size:
The centre piece can be 3-layered cardboard or plastic.
Perhaps the biggest maze ring needs to be in 3 pieces to fit the box. It can be assembled as big puzzle pieces.

Sell sheet

Click button to download one-page sell sheet PDF.

  • Turn based strategic fun
  • Rotating maze in three levels
  • Action cards and a minimum of luck
  • High replayability
  • Easy to make a second version (kids or advanced) by printing on both sides of the rings